Jiangsu nternet Association launched the site name and website security certification

recently, Jiangsu Internet Association officially launched the website security authentication and certification network name, and the member units of the application for a site acceptance, 35 provincial Internet enterprises became the first contract implementation unit.

website real name authentication and website security authentication is Jiangsu province Internet Association member for the new certification services, these two services authentication technology based on the platform, the site sponsor identity, website registration information, business registration information audit, real information certification website organizers, and supervise and found the website linked to horse, web tampering, phishing and other network security risks. An enterprise that has obtained a business license or a non business website for the Jiangsu provincial value-added telecommunications business may apply for certification. The official launch of the authentication service will help solve the problem of low credit level of Internet users, network security risks and other issues, and further promote the development of the Internet industry in Jiangsu. (Su Jianguang)

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