Online learning site Udemy financing 32 million

from San Francisco’s online learning site Udemy today announced that they completed a round of $32 million C round of financing. Lead cast for Norwest Ventures Partners, other investment institutions include Insight Venture Partners and MHS Capital. So far, the total amount of financing Udemy $48 million.

Udemy learning platform has a wide range of online video courses, including both free and paid courses, users can choose according to their own preferences and online courses. The company CEO Dennis Yang said: anyone who wants to become a lifelong learner, who can find suitable for their interests and career development courses. Professionals in any field can also create courses and sell them on the Udemy platform." In the Udemy on the release of the course of the user, you can own pricing courses, and in return, Udemy will get part of the cost.

Yang said that the company currently has a staff of 55 people, after the financing, they will expand the team, in addition to the recruitment will be carried out in the headquarters of the United States, will be carried out in some other countries, this is to provide users with services for more countries.

, in addition, they will also use some of the funds for the end of the web and mobile client development of new curriculum creation tools, as well as to help users find the latest curriculum tools.

Yang says they are now focusing on international expansion. Today Udemy has more than 3 million registered users from more than 190 countries. Of which 45% of paid users, as well as the flow of traffic from outside the United States in the international market, 60%.

currently, Udemy courses in English and Spanish based. The platform now has a total of 16 thousand courses, of which more than 1000 courses in the language used for spanish. Yang says he hopes to attract users who can create courses in German, Portuguese and Japanese to attract users from these countries.

after the completion of the Norwest Ventures Partners from the Udemy SergioMonsalve will join the board of directors. He said that the most attractive place for Udemy, the company’s mission is to help people continue to improve, so that people get success in career. In addition, he also believes that compared to other educational enterprises, Udemy more aware of their position.

Monsalve said: unlike other online education companies, Udemy is not intended to become the new Harvard University. Udemy is very clear about the role and value of traditional universities. What they want to do is

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