The daily topic of the face of Taobao blocked shopping guide website worrying

A5 ( station network December 23rd news, in October this year, Taobao advertising alliance mom announced that due to individual third party shopping guide websites abuse of businesses and consumers, the official decided to temporarily close the open interface and link.

Ali mother said it would start using third party shopping guide website to make more standardized requirements, but did not point out what are the interests of the parties involved in the third party website. It is not clear whether all third party shopping guide website will be blocked. Only emphasizes the individual third party shopping guide site for Taobao and Tmall open data for his use. According to Ali mother saying, shut down the open interface and link, mainly for security reasons. In this regard, Ali mother from the technical application, open management and other aspects of the system to maintain data security. We believe that this is the era of big data electricity supplier industry for the basic requirements of information security."

was once booming third party shopping guide website is precisely because of Alibaba roller coaster attitude and showing a sharp decline in the trajectory. Taobao WeChat will be included in the "black list" when not forget to accelerate social electricity supplier blocked efforts, from June in the search engine "beautiful", "" and other keywords to intercept traffic to the withdrawal of the above two sites now Taobao account login function, "it can be said that Taobao and crackdown on social electricity supplier the more substantial, the industry believes that this is not difficult to understand," who do not want their web traffic in the hands of others."

in 2011, with beautiful said, as the representative of the shopping guide website rush. That time, the two can also frequently appear in the official activities of Alibaba. However, in May 2012, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Jack Ma said in an internal speech does not support the upstream shopping guide website continues to expand. Since then, began to be suppressed survival. On the other hand, with the outbreak of WeChat, businessmen see the WeChat public account marketing, have begun to start WeChat’s own account, although it does not have a direct impact on shopping applications, but it was a knife. In the face of before and after the sniper, the older generation and the application of new electricity supplier shopping guide shopping guide will naturally not sit still.

face multiple rounds of Taobao ban, beautiful and said has been forced to respond to a number of initiatives, not only to strengthen its social, media, but also try to overseas purchasing and brand promotion model. After all, the relevant data show that more than half of the beautiful flow of Taobao said, while has a 70% flow into Taobao. It is understood that the beautiful electronic business platform is located in a good shop channel. From a good shop channel a few pages of the number of shops, there are about 370 stores on the line. Although the beautiful and has not yet been a high-profile promotional electronic business platform, but from the PC side and mobile terminal to promote the tilt of resources, it can be clearly seen that the beauty and’s emphasis on its electronic business platform.

in terms of business models, >