DY apparel design site goal is behind the 43 billion purchasing power

busy today, do a simple request:

recently often take the children out to play, found in the outskirts of the city to do their own thing "(DIY) stores, mostly to" book ", and is quite active, for example IKEA launched such activities may be set within one or two days of light; in addition, the Museum of Art Museum, almost all the introduction of such DIY activities, many well-known brands, is building its own museum, then will launch such activities DIY. Children can paint their own Chinese painting, painting, clay, wood…… Store tickets very expensive, "these parents earn money, the best


people think, designed to give the child’s DIY site, which has recently done better?

again recently saw an article about an interesting to the children DIY website ", called" FashionPlaytes.com ", they founded in 2009, has made $1 million 500 thousand, then $4 million from last year, they are playing" DIY pop ", the main goal is 6~ 14 years old little girl".

came to this site, you found that "everything can do", they have a jacket, pants, underwear, jackets, and a variety of bags. A lot of parents see this kind of website, may arise: "want to do it!" impulse, it seems too fun. They say, is dedicated to "the natives" (Digital Native) used, but behind these network indigenous people are their parents, a total of $43 billion in purchasing power, this is a piece of unknown market, but there is a potential of the market, the reason is that the world has proved to be DIY there is a market, so sites such as Cafepress, have done great turnover, until today, it appears that FashionPlaytes, a little girl to eat this market.

even attracted me the most is a word "news release Kid sourcing, from the little girls in their online behavior, to figure out what love the children, they are very serious, not his own guess, this website also find a group of users with severe, set up a" Fashion Advisory Board (fashion trend, let the consultation) people in the design of new style, you can ask the most "Fu" little friend, what they love


this is the most interesting part of us. Above Facebook, the strongest piece is not just the number of users it is currently, not just everyone in the above, in fact, is the public –

Facebook is currently the only network allows you to directly to the "age" and "sex" to cut the platform, so when you need to be very accurate points, you can directly use Facebook, >