Video on demand will open up a new situation of personal website

Web2.0 products currently seems promising is likely to be the video, according to iResearch survey, 2006 is the first year of China network video industry, due to the impact of Google’s acquisition of Youtube, a large number of video website was born. According to its forecast, in 2010 the market size is expected to reach 3 billion 400 million yuan, the next few years, the compound growth rate of about 60%.

network video can be divided into video sharing and video on demand, video sharing, we are no longer strangers, 6 websites such as Youku, cool has become the high penetration of video website, for video on demand, at present, there have been several, such as PPlive, QVOD, showed a very rapid development momentum of the.

and video sharing different video on-demand streaming media player software based, from the experience of software, CS application is more troublesome than BS application. But it is more powerful, more humane, more share from the video on demand and video is so, VOD software based on client greatly increased user autonomy.

there is no doubt that video on demand will be a backbone of the future development of the video, there are also a number of domestic video on demand software, such as PPLive, PPStream, etc.. I have only used PPLive, a friend introduced me to a new video software ——QVOD recently, at first feel and PPLive seems to be no difference, then gradually feel the software to add some more humane thing compared to other competitors.

first look at the difference between this software and PPLive. PPLive and other software playlist is established, the user can not change, can only choose from the. Second, if you want to enjoy a movie, good luck, perhaps you can see the beginning, bad luck can not even see the end. However, QVOD is fully integrated into the concept of BT, anyone who wants to see the movie can go to download the video source, point to open to watch the operation method from first to last round, and the same BT software. It is not difficult to see, QVOD compared to PPLive into more personalized, user-friendly concept, QVOD official website shows that the amount of downloads has exceeded forty million times. The development of the Internet has always shown that the more close to the user’s aspirations of the heart of the product is the more popular products.

most critical is that this will greatly promote the development of video on demand and personal website. In the past, the traditional PPLive, PPStream and other software is a unilateral set of video content, not open to the outside world. However, the concept of QVOD shows that he was not to do a video on demand, but to do a broad coalition, let every corner of VOD products across the Internet, at the same time to so many personal websites to share the big cake of video industry.

so, for personal sites, this is definitely a "Snow"