China Fashion Network mergers and acquisitions T100 popular trend network

news March 22nd, Chinese apparel e-commerce portal Chinese clothing network announced: completed of Guangdong is located in the leading domestic popular website – "T100 network recently acquired a fashion trend, and holding 51%. It is reported that this is expected to be the first case of domestic B2B e-commerce in 2011 mergers and acquisitions.

This is following the 2009 acquisition of

international fashion information network "act as a go-between", and a capital operation in the domestic apparel fashion information in the field of China clothing net. This reorganization, the service network has formed a complete industrial chain, involving industry portal website business, domestic and international B2B e-commerce, clothing design, clothing talent, investment platform, brand marketing, clothing industry vertical e-commerce service system.

according to the Chinese clothing network CEO Chen Xuejun said: after the completion of the merger, the Chinese clothing network will continue to maintain the independence of the T100 website operations, while the original site executives and operations team will remain unchanged.

according to sources, the "service network" popular information website in the two fusion acquisition after plan under China clothing network (B2B e-commerce), "51 fashion net" (industry media and interactive community), clothing (merchants) investment network, China garment net (clothing B2B B2C "clothes, downstream procurement) network ( integrated package, is quietly implementing" B2B2C e-commerce + professional fashion media "development strategy, the impact of the gem" Chinese clothing first shares". By grafting B2B and B2C, the extension of e-commerce industry chain, and the development of professional fashion media, provide integrated service system of electronic commerce, network information, the investment channels of retail, customer relationship management, for garment enterprises.

It is reported that "

T100 fashion trends" was founded in 2001, located in the latest fashion trends for China professional clothing fashion enterprises and professionals prediction, global fashion information, provide solutions from the design reference, marketing strategy and brand building "one-stop" scheme for garment enterprises. At present, the site has nearly 400 thousand registered users on the PV industry, professional visitors reached as high as 600 thousand, released every day at home and abroad fashion show information, designer manuscripts, popular trend information reached more than 5000, is the popular "information gathering", with the industry benchmark function.

According to Chen Xuejun

, Chinese clothing net through the acquisition, rely on "T100 clothing trends" prompt global fashion information, to make up for their lack of clothing in the service of B2B industry chain, the complementary advantages of both sides play the best.


, China e-commerce research center analyst Zhang Zhouping believes that the acquisition of capital at two degrees and a series of new platform, market China vertical B2B textile and apparel industry concentration is expected to further increase, or will usher in a new round of reshuffle.

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