The Third Plenary Session of the T involved in the reform of small and medium enterprises in the fi

liberalization of e-commerce foreign access restrictions

policy original: relax investment access. Unified foreign investment laws and regulations to maintain foreign investment policy is stable, transparent and predictable. To promote the financial, education, culture, health and other services ordered open, release nursery pension, architectural design, accounting, auditing, trade logistics, e-commerce and other services in the field of foreign access restrictions, further liberalization of the general manufacturing industry. Accelerate the integration of special customs supervision area optimization.

business registration facilitation

policy: the establishment of a fair and open and transparent market rules. The implementation of a unified market access system, in the development of a negative list, based on various types of market players can enter the list of equal areas outside the law. To explore the management mode of national treatment plus negative list before the implementation of foreign investment. Promote the facilitation of business registration system, to reduce accreditation project, by the proband according to the first photo card, the registered capital paid registration system gradually to the subscription registration system. Promote the reform of domestic trade circulation system, the construction of the rule of law business environment.

to promote the reform of the telecommunications sector price

policy original: improve the market mainly by the price mechanism. Any market can be formed by the price of the market, the government does not intervene. Promote water, oil, natural gas, electricity, transportation, telecommunications and other areas of price reform, liberalization of competitive price. The scope of government pricing is mainly limited to the important public utilities, public service, network type of natural monopoly, improve transparency, accept social supervision. Improve the price formation mechanism of agricultural products, pay attention to play the role of market price formation.

multi-channel to promote equity financing

policy original: improve the financial market system. Expand the financial sector to the outside world, under the premise of strengthening supervision, allowing qualified private capital to initiate the establishment of small and medium banks and other financial institutions. Promoting the reform of policy oriented financial institutions. We will improve the multi-level capital market system, promote the reform of the stock issuance registration system, promote equity financing through multiple channels, develop and standardize the bond market, and raise the proportion of direct financing. Improve the insurance economic compensation mechanism, the establishment of catastrophe insurance system. Inclusive finance. Encourage financial innovation, enrich the level of financial markets and products.

improve the financing conditions of small and medium sized technology enterprises

policy: strengthen the use and protection of intellectual property rights, improve the incentive mechanism of technological innovation, explore the establishment of intellectual property court. To break the administrative leadership and the division of the Department, the establishment of the market determined by the technical innovation projects and the allocation of funds, the results of the evaluation mechanism. We will develop the technology market, improve the technology transfer mechanism, improve the financing conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the mechanism of venture capital, innovate the business model, and promote the capitalization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

release enterprise investment approval

policy: deepen the reform of investment system, establish the main position of enterprise investment. Enterprise investment projects, in addition to national security and ecological security, involving the country’s major students