Denounce Tencent hooliganism

I usually do their own stand, back to a student forum to do technical support. This morning, he didn’t call me (international phone), he called me and said he had an error in the forum, saying that MySQL was out of reach, or even "Service Unavailable". His forum is usually 15 minutes online no problem for the more than 2 thousand, how could it be hung up on the more than and 200. Because in the company, FTP, etc. have been sealed off, only online login to his forum, MySQL 1203 error, the number of connections exceeded. Refresh a few minutes later, it was not easy to brush the online membership page, found full screen 124.115.x.x". Xi’an’s IP, or Tencent soso, Baidu took a look at 124.115, N people are reflected by the garbage IPQJ. In the background screen "124.115.x.x" section of the address, the forum returned to normal. Here to despise Tencent, please do not use rogue behavior. Even if you climb more, but also more than Baidu and Google!