Sina domain story 13 years of development with SiNa corner


is one of the four major domestic portals, has irreplaceable status, Sina industrial diversification, independent of its products on many platforms, portal thirteen years war, declined, the rise of sina, becoming a pioneer in the Internet era, leading a trend and fashion, such as the largest and most popular micro-blog micro-blog, products is rich, however, you know Sina domain name

the origin of history?


said the word "Sina" comes from the date back to 13 years ago, in 1998, the predecessor of the Department of four Liberia and SinaNet network (the largest overseas Chinese website) was established after the reorganization, the website domain name system Huayuan, "Sina Sino" comes from the India word "China", "Sino" are often used in written English, such as the Sino-American Department of Sino US relations, "Sina" Sino and China together, this is the origin of the Sina "Sina".


is the Internet business, of course in the domain name is hard won, 1998, protection two registered domain name, but this suffix, suffixes in the country has not yet open, but because on behalf of the national area, Sina chose CN as the domain name is the earlier CN domain name application case, the people therefore know the domain name.CN.

in addition, the word "Sina" Chinese name "Sina", sina is then president Wang Zhidong, select the domain name can well express the hope of become the largest portal commitment is reflected in the choice of suffix purpose.


named the word "Sina" has caused public opinion in the industry, some users believe that the "Sina" and the Japanese pronunciation of "China" pronunciation "Cina" similar has been criticized for a good domain, in this regard, Sina senior vice president Chen Tongceng said, because of "China" and it should also sound similar unreasonable name. A "toilet" in Chinese generally refers to the toilet paper, but in Japanese is "faith" means. It is for this reason that Japan will take the ‘letter’ title change? Strong evidence to disprove, sina has.

also fortunately Sina adhere to the, 13 years of development has laid a "Sina" brand in the 13 years of the development process, but also makes Sina perfect domain name brand protection, this has brought together the domain name, and in the 13 years of development, Sina expansion, every step of the development is at the forefront and every.