CANN new agreement registered domain name requires e mail address and phone authentication

in the future, if the registration of a new domain name, the applicant must apply for the domain name in the 15 days after the adoption of their e-mail address and telephone number of certification. Domain name registrant whose application has not been approved will be suspended. It is reported that this provision comes from the ICANN board of directors adopted this week, a new "certified public service agreement (RAA)". However, this requires the domain name applicant after signing a new agreement will really take effect. This will also allow the domain name registration day before WHOIS became more accurate.

under the new regulations, the registrant will not only need to register the date of certification, but he also needs to submit the application of the domain name related personnel personal information – such as the signal card number, etc.. In addition, the Registrar also need to ensure that the IP address and other information in the 180 days after the application for ICANN approval. In addition, the registrar will also need to change contact information within 7 days of the new regulations.