China’s nternet service brand vertical segment market to accelerate growth

days ago, held in Beijing the Great Wall Hotel "2009 session of the fourth Chinese Internet webmaster will", "will grow in the end" has become the common concern of the participants theme. China Internet Service Brand Forum for the first time relying on the annual launch of the Internet webmaster IDC industry summit, vigorously promote the survival, the development of the spirit.

in the face of steady growth trend in the domain of IDC industry, the annual meeting invited dozens of domestic domain IDC industry leader and chief zero dialogue, and for Internet development are most closely related to the domain name IDC service as the two core topics for discussion, analysis on the Chinese Internet service brand trend. The current domestic small and medium Internet consumption growth of the most dynamic, will become a very important component of China’s Internet services, especially the domain name IDC services. Domestic domain name IDC services as the representative of the Internet based services will steadily increase market segments, showing the development trend of the brand. Wang Fang, a senior analyst with iResearch consulting firm, uses the full and accurate data, combined with the development trend of the current domain name IDC industry to do the analysis of the development and trend of Chinese domain name host.

report pointed out that in 2008 the number of Chinese Web site growth rate of over 90%, reaching 2 million 878 thousand, China’s domain name services market size of $900 million. Under the background of market environment, more and more domestic small owners to establish their own website, to focus their topics to explore related content, to provide more professional Internet service segments. From the view of the current research data, as a new marketing approach in the domestic Internet, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises realize that only through the establishment of Internet sites, in order to allow more non local users to understand their products through the Internet, this form to their products sell. The current research data show that, regardless of whether the owners or small and medium enterprises on the domain name is growing, the demand for IDC related to the construction site is also growing.


Wang Fang to do "Chinese domain name host development and trends" analysis report

as the core of China’s Internet based services, the development trend of the current domain name IDC services may be summarized as five points. First, to.COM and.CN domain name based domain name, is still the mainstream domain name application type. The current.CN domain name growth trend is very fast, the domestic.CN and.COM.CN domain will continue to play a major role in the development of the mainstream. Second, mobile Internet related.Mobi domain name will become a new hot market. With the issuance of 3G licenses earlier this year, the future development and growth of the mobile Internet is also worthy of attention. Third, the website is more and more intelligent, intelligent host will be favored by enterprise users. For small and medium-sized webmaster, they need to consider things more and more simple. Fourth, speed up Informationization Process crash site of small and medium sized enterprises. In the case of Comsenz Internet service company, will provide more.

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