Training 5qq group to discuss a month to quickly build 1000P

      30 days before the Spring Festival rush: free website building 3 day training lesson 10 hours to make your site quickly reach 1000 ip
    today is February 3rd, the Spring Festival is getting closer. More and more people surfing the internet. But I feel the promotion method is less and less.
today February 3rd. In QQ group 12069358  3 pm;   to explore the website promotion method
                              & nbsp;     the promotion of   film; music; for example,
                                  business class website promotion & nbsp;         for example,
                                    promotion forum websites such as< br />  or users in seminar and then put forward   QQ; group 12069358    February 3rd afternoon 3 point. Only 200 people

focus on website promotion training topics a month from 0 to 1000IP training topics

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