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network indeed breed many industries, but the future depend on network of young entrepreneurs will gradually increase, which also requires entrepreneurs to a certain extent, to have the entrepreneurial awareness and skills, otherwise we can only become a business in the denominator of misty red sea. What are the basic skills needed to start a business?

hard conditions: coordinate and control the ability of personnel management

China for early Internet entrepreneurs to do a relatively simple analogy may be like Witkey type of people to carry out the work they can do as well as the range of knowledge, such as derived Witkey platform, is now trading volume can be said that the pig platform is quite large, of course this is only one of the prototype of the Internet the venture, in earlier times, and Ma Yun’s Alibaba opened shop profit model, saved many entrepreneurs in the turmoil in the heart. See from the past now, in turn to think, Chinese entrepreneurs may lack a tenacity, but also the lack of a patient, and this one for now when the Internet entrepreneur is so quick success, anxious to obtain financing or support, will end customer interests, and fall in business this big brand one is beyond count thus, co-ordination, a station is very important.

is a true Internet entrepreneur needs a persistence, or the courage to dare to start early in the harsh environment, to bear character to explore their potential of products, whether it is the Internet or copywriting services based on O2O service, the industry is also very important for the control of their owners, the ability to control commercial interests, because you don’t have in the business platform, no customers, no channels, you want your resources are not the same, you can only rely on the accumulation of gain more confidence, when you get the first financing, you also don’t worry, the money really need to do what, it is worth thinking. Is to direct the development of profit model, and improve the software to enhance the user group, which for a head of the strategy and the long-term vision is a test.

mentioned above is an overview, but in fact both the Internet business or other business, the most important is for personnel management, once a business friend once said: "I need a business partner and I must be like-minded, in my view can be outspoken, but must I understand the idea, if there are differences so bye bye, I order this 6 person, I do not worry, I can find a year." I think he was right, is very important for the team member selection, an efficient team must force one to make, so for the final out of the product quality can reach the maximum extent, of course the author who is now the entrepreneurial team is still expanding, but lay foundation or the initial members. Personnel management and the enterprise itself is an art, not favoritism, and sometimes have to do so, it must be one of the mysterious entrepreneurs themselves to mediation, because of their own team.

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