Kuba remaining equity is incorporated or entrepreneurial team in June next year to leave

in the replacement of the Kuba CEO job candidates, send loyalists troops former general manager of Shenyang United States of Donghua to succeed Wang Zhiquan, recently the United States on the Kuba again, the reality of their "national landscaping".


(micro-blog) announced that in May 23rd the price of 12 million yuan to buy the Kuba remaining 20% stake, the latter is completely under the nationalization. The announcement also shows that the United States in the comprehensive controlling Kuba, and to Wong Kwong Yu, Gome sharp dynamic transfer 40% stake, the formation of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding 60%, Gome sharp move holding 40% of the pattern.

this, the industry believes that this is the United States and the United States issued a clear signal of e-commerce. At the same time, the United States Department of business integration, and Gome online mall Kuba "right hand each stroke, the situation is still a big problem. Some people have even said, in all the major United States, Kuba this brand may disappear.

Gome electricity supplier for this year’s sales target of 20 billion yuan yesterday (May 28th), the daily economic news reporter has not been confirmed in the United states.

completion of the third quarter delivery

the United States reverted to Kuba speed is quite fast.

two months ago, Gome announced its business platform Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan will be retiring, only served as director of the news. Statistics show that Wang Zhiquan founded in 2006 century electric network, September 2010 renamed Kuba shopping network, in November 22, 2010, he signed a share sale agreement with the United States, the Kuba 80% stake at a price of 48 million yuan sold to the latter. Now, Wang Zhiquan’s 20% stake in the final price of 12 million yuan sold to the United states. In this regard, sources said, according to the agreement, including Wang Zhiquan, Kuba nets vice president Peng Liang, the entrepreneurial team will leave Kuba in June next year.

"I am currently still Kuba director." Wang Zhiquan yesterday (May 28th) told reporters that his current position has not changed. He said he would not comment on the departure in June of next year, and then said he would leave, but it was unclear whether the rest left him.

Because the

shares also relates to the United States by the parent company and the listed company, vice president of Gome investor relations department Lu Jiang told the "daily economic news" interview revealed that the final completion of delivery in the three quarter.

wins the 20 billion Gome in 2012?

in the above plan, the shadow of the shadow of the yellow house if the present.

data show that in the United States own platform named "Gome mall" is the new U.S. company, previously by Gome investment 50 million yuan founded and 100% stake, but after this time after the share transfer, the shareholding ratio of Gome declined to 60%, Gome sharp move will hold 40% stake in the rest of the.

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