Chinese nternet can help enterprises Paste can not cure the hemorrhage

day before the "Wall Street journal" reported that in China Internet, has always been troubled and superior, the current state-owned enterprises started to learn from the technology company". The low efficiency of the state-owned enterprises, the profit decline caused by increasing drag to slowing economic China, hoping to improve the efficiency through the introduction of the Internet thinking and Internet channels, and said Chinese in support of state-owned enterprises, in the dance teaching of dinosaurs. So whether the Internet can really help the Chinese



days ago, Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong and other companies have reached a cooperation with the relevant state-owned enterprises. For example, the risk investment department before Ali’s will to China China Minmetals Group, Minmetals development company business department to invest 300 million yuan, Minmetals will Ali Taobao platform as an early steel sales website model. In addition, oil and Tencent last year signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, the same last year, PetroChina Hunan and Tmall announced cooperation, the two sides will integrate resources, launched the "new service platform Internet plus energy", a new service model for open mobile payment. Late last year, the postal bank to introduce strategic investors, Ali and Tencent both entered. Baidu has also announced a partnership with CITIC Bank established a bank to assist in the evaluation of customer market, credit and fraud risk by position and behavior data of Baidu.

and Sinopec on Internet plus have not been idle, last week launched a business platform to send off, for oil, gas and other suppliers and manufacturers matchmaking, Sinopec obtained the calculation function of Ali help in the analysis of large data and cloud storage etc.. China Southern Power Grid is also in the Internet plus the way on the road ahead, said it will use the new electricity sales service technical support customer service level, further research and Alibaba, Tencent and other well-known electricity supplier to sell electricity, electricity sales to establish a new marketing mode based on network platform.

why state-owned enterprises have to embrace the Internet giant thigh?

was started on the Internet giant state-owned enterprises in the thigh, one is the profits of state-owned enterprises need to decline to stop bleeding, according to the Ministry of finance data released last year, 2015 1 to November, the state-owned enterprises realized a total profit of 2 trillion and 42 billion 470 million yuan, down 9.5%. The continuous decline in profits, in addition to the impact by the international and domestic economic environment factors, and the state-owned enterprise system mechanism is not reasonable, but in any case are in urgent need of new pattern and the way to seek business revenue exceeded. After seeing BAT and other platforms to subvert the subversion of the traditional industries, state-owned enterprises began to despise the Internet from the retrial, hoping to use the Internet to stop bleeding.

is because, in recent years, in the "push Internet plus" concept, take the express Internet plus traditional enterprises can quickly drive prices. For example, insiders say, as long as the home appliance heavyweights released a new Internet can promote the stock price limit. In fact, all walks of life, as long as the concept of Internet plus James >

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