The bus WiFi said of an aged person you don’t want to rub free WiFi Certainly not

heard a bad news yesterday: from now on, in many cities in China on the bus, you may be hard to rub free WiFi. The largest bus operator WiFi 16WiFi announced: in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Haikou, Shaoxing Changsha, Kaifeng, temporarily shut down the WiFi service, only Beijing and Kunming as a model city "".

2016 China’s largest financing event in the field of WiFi creators, after entering the 2017 seems difficult. If you are the city users, browsing public statements behind fans and the sentimental message (although more like a mourning mood "cause" of the accident died, rather than the business logic of the martyrs,) this decision really frustrating. At the same time, for the public travel free WiFi, and even the entire commercial WiFi industry, this decision is to make life suspect: not to say that there is no WiFi is the greatest torture of modern society? In the future human evolution environment and our WiFi is not sex? What’s more, when the free WiFi in other environments full popularity, traffic travel is not always regarded as "WiFi industry last pain"? Why give this one world bus provides WiFi entrepreneurs ill fated?

answer may be out of the bus, "one side of heaven and earth".

well, if you like me, believe in the era of mobile Internet "flow" two word meaning has gradually become "Scene + user long, 16WiFi examines the bad news will be clear: some angle perhaps appear in 16WiFi chose the city road which is a short – distance business objectives in long, because regardless of the" Scene "or" time ", will be blocked, to the operation mode makes very regret, the two is almost all mobile Internet competition. The analysis of its opposite, will focus on travel free WiFi long-distance space, the future of the industry will be sunny.


Why is


in fact, in a public statement, 16WiFi’s own analysis of the reasons to say goodbye, there are three reasons: first is the operating costs are high, the cost is a large part of the public transport group to pay the "entrance fee", 16WiFi official said: "up to now, 16WiFi enterprises have a total investment of nearly 600 million yuan to buy. The hardware equipment, to pay the fee, the media around the bus group purchase flow, technology maintenance and other labor costs to operators…… This is the largest of the two, is the media and traffic charges. Guangzhou said it, ten thousand vehicles a year to pay only to the bus group admission fee, up to $about forty million! The Guangzhou area traffic charges, but also to pay twenty-four million yuan to operators…… Come down, only a year in Guangzhou will invest nearly 100 million yuan."

Two of the reasons for the

is the backward mode of operation blocked. In 16WiFi’s expectations, including advertising, traffic guidance, application distribution, Games >

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