Tianxialiangcang network marketing more than 15 million and 500 net suction gold

through the Internet marketing unwarranted green food, just six months will develop marketing staff of more than 500, involving up to 15 million yuan. Yesterday, the Beijing police announced on suspicion of network marketing, the world granary international industry group has been on file for investigation, 13 suspects were under criminal detention.

in April 8th this year, there are people to reflect the police, Daxing District, Xihongmen, the world granary company suspected of illegal pyramid schemes. They call throughout the training class, asking everyone to pay 39 thousand and 800 yuan entrance fee, through the development of offline profit.

according to the clues, investigators gradually identified, "Tianxialiangcang International Industrial Group subsidiary Beijing three times supermarket chain Co. Ltd., set up a web site on the Internet, under the guise of the name of sales green, organic, pollution-free agricultural products engaged in marketing activities.

August 5th, the police arrested a legal representative of the company and other 13 suspects. Police investigators, after the Spring Festival this year, the world granary company began to be suspected of illegal pyramid schemes. The company did not actually registered, just set up a web site on the Internet, to recruit dealers around the grounds that are interested in Beijing to participate in the training, and promised free accommodation and travel expenses. While training, because no goods, they do not mention the specific distribution matters, just pull the head to instill the concept of riches. "The 50 person can rebate million" promise to let many people put back the products. No, only the development of offline. After paying 39 thousand and 800 yuan entry fee, the company will get a password, can log on to the website at any time to develop their own downline, and view the rebate.

in half a year or so, the gang has developed more than 500 MLM personnel, almost all over the country, Beijing membership of about 50 people. Some victims in the police investigation, the truth is still unknown, refused to cooperate. The case involving more than 1500 yuan, most of them are suspect, transfer to splurge, offline so-called rebate is scanty. At present, the police are still recovered the stolen money involved, and called for some unsuspecting victims and contact the police as soon as possible.

the person in charge of the police, crime began to shift to the network marketing, by making up a "pure capital operation", "high tech" and "chain management", "electronic commerce", "equity investment fund", "network of sales, sales, marketing, agency, franchise and other names, charge, development personnel, engaged in mlm.

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