Regulating the family network D round of financing 160 million worth of high official domain name j

renamed China ( March 2nd news, recently Qijia network officially announced the completion of the D round of financing, totaling $160 million, since the official single spell domain name replace the posts, the highly acclaimed.


: Qijia network


family network was established in 2005, is the largest home improvement business platform, committed to the decoration, building materials, Home Furnishing field, as of December 2014, the country has 50 home city sub station, 8 million registered members and 4 home decoration companies, building materials suppliers Home Furnishing brand.

since January 2012, the official website began to use a single spelling domain name, the domain name registered in 1998, has a higher age value, the site daily IP up to 4 million 860 thousand, the average daily PV of up to 34 million 20 thousand. The original domain name in January 2013 to stop using, now jump

did not protect the Qijia network phonetic domain, but the protection of the domain name

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