Shanghai a well known hosting business executives responsible for debt on foot

financial crisis hit confidence of small IT practitioner, a well-known Shanghai hosting business can be maintained in the case of "run away", dragged down thousands of small sites.

lack of funds was broken network

this week, the east part of the site webmaster posting on the forum, causing widespread concern: the site suddenly opened in October 13th, that the room was a bit of a problem, and later know Hua Kai data failed."

10 14 in the morning, Hua Qi data on its official website issued a letter of apology: customers due to funding problems and Telecommunications contract by telecom forced off the network, can urge the independent server client with telecom re signed a contract coordination."

Hua Kai data is a dedicated server hosting company, mainly in the Shanghai room to store virtual hosts, service small and medium sites over 1000. The server hosting the Hua Qi data suddenly collapse, make them flow has also been implicated, almost suffered a "crowning calamity".

yesterday, the reporters came to the office ground of Hua Qi data, such as online said, empty. Company contact phone no one should, Hua Qi data for Liu Hua’s mobile phone has been turned off. Some people with Hua Qi data business said, because the company owed nearly 2 million in debt, including funds and Telecommunications disputes forced off net machine, the company responsible for the people to escape the debt repayment difficulties.

no confidence to do it

the "daily economic news" after many setbacks link Hua Qi data customer service manager, said it was confirmed her debt. The manager said that the company is currently owed more than 50 yuan in Telecom, Anhui Yanhuang 180 thousand and Shanghai Ya Tang network 38 thousand, other companies still owe the debt; in addition, arrears of wages and social security are not included in the statistics.

but at the same time, the customer manager of Hua Kai data also said that the debt is still a small problem, Hua Kai monthly business can still be maintained, mainly responsible for Liu Hua, no confidence, then the company to do it.

do a hosting, domain name service for many years, told reporters that the industry has been meager profit, once the market demand reduction, the company may be a problem. Judging from the current situation, in 2009 the demand for the site is positive, many companies have to close the door."

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