The first venture after death left me what words

recently a lot of big platforms have closed their O2O channel, which reminds me of their early years founded and operated one of China’s first O2O project.

things can be traced back to 2004, when I was 24 years old. E-commerce in China is still in chaos, and now not so fire. My family is a liquor, so I slept on the lees in me, natural and inseparable relationship between wine. So, I was and now after 90, full of SAP began the business with vigour and vitality.

however, in 2007 eleventh (284th overall) of the "sales and marketing" magazine page seventy-fourth, four edition published an article "three-dimensional breakthrough, integration times pioneer", recorded one can now use the name O2O liquor business model project. I am the author of the article. Yes, the article is that I later on the dynamic failure of entrepreneurial projects, made a profound record and memory.

I think it should be one of the earliest O2O actual combat projects in China?!

in recent days there are some read my friends and my WeChat business review, flesh out my article that year, have the foresight to praise me. However, what is the good foresight? Born Under A Bad Sign, no day, no matter how good the project is.

fortunately, the business model from the previous, I summed up a lot of experience in Iraq as I now founded "optometry glasses car door" project, whether it is the original product oriented thinking, or a Uber shared economic model, I have been improved, passed on to Iraq can glasses project. A few years down, although it can not be said to have achieved great success, but at least has been verified by the market, is in a fast running and outbreak.

so, I still want to put new wine pot, sum up after this the name is "396 community wine" O2O project, the pros and cons and experience to share:

first, the trend is important, but more important now!

many read the essay will be main reason that "396 community wine" death is because the Internet and Born Under A Bad Sign, not so mature and widely used in electronic commerce, also unsuspectingly period. At that time, there are still a lot of people think that the Internet is a lie. So, when the "396 wine community on website" almost no traffic.

whether the traditional economy or the Internet economy, the product is always the foundation, should always be in the first row, product oriented thinking this is what I mentioned are almost every article in the "".

website needs to have the fist product, and the matching high profit product. Therefore, it is necessary for the winery investment. However, due to the immaturity of the Internet economy at that time, I was in the process of investment by a lot of wineries, wholesalers, I think I’m a liar. This is not >

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