Kezhou area information portal website promotion articles

long station repeat, let me feel on GG by Ali to make money if you do not do anything, there is no future.

if you get rid of the alliance advertising, broaden the income, only the site and real life closely linked, through the site, looking for opportunities in reality.

open shop? Yes, it is to open the shop, but not Taobao, eBay open shop, is to open a local portal mall

This is what I built in

information network primary idea

pre emphasis on the popularity of all, do not want to shop, wait until the site has a certain popularity, then I think it is OK to go through.

I am going to sell flour on the site (1 bags of profit of up to 1 yuan (1), selling rice bag profit of about 3 yuan), sell children’s toys such as other similar twist car a bit bigger, estimated profit at 20 yuan. Through the network into the loan, through the information network shipments.

I’m poor and poor. So I had imagined like HAO123, and the Internet cafes alliance, give them the money, let them set my site for the home page, but it seems that money spent no effect. Most of the Internet cafes to play online games. Currently, the Internet cafes set up the home page, generally a month how to give people a few dozen dollars. So, do a few more big posters, posted on the Internet, if you really want to find local information, will pay attention to the. If the Internet cafes are not large, generally speaking, the Internet cafe owners will agree to paste.

another is to paste small ads everywhere!

how do I read my ad:

‘s first classified information website



information network

state information network since the completion in January of this year, after continuous improvement, testing, has become a forum of rich, perfect function, practical information portal area.

state information network master channel: city information, classified information (supply and demand, job recruitment, secondary trading, dating, etc.), real estate real estate online cinema (now the movie 300, every day new software download, update), Kezhou gallery.

state information network forum to further strengthen the membership in the interactive shopper forum, members can post for carpool, Flatshare, group purchase, only think, not to fight. In the original version, the ad hoc membership talent show version, literature, KTV, let you fully enjoy the show.

other brilliant columns familiar login.

state information network (

are you more brilliant!

in the supermarket entrance, in the vegetable market. As long as many people I paste. It doesn’t cost anything. Back to the area to prepare to go.

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