How do you think about the development prospects of SEO in 2014

in 2014, the prospects for the development of SEO has attracted a lot of attention in the novice, some people think that when you want to switch to the SEO industry bleak, but there are still a large number of new people into the SEO industry. Not long ago, we found that some of the procedures and artists, editors into the SEO industry, because in their perception of SEO is a very useful industry, very good learning, and the prospects for a brighter.

as far as I am concerned, not long ago, I went to Zhengzhou to see the talent market, and now almost all small and medium enterprises are recruiting SEO, network promotion personnel. After communicating with some recruiters, I found that the demand for SEO in the two or three tier cities is still large. Because I know that education companies need to recruit 15 SEO Commissioner, but in Zhengzhou, only to recruit the last of the 6 people, the other has been difficult to recruit the right candidates. But in the two or three line of the city and a city SEO recruitment of the general requirements for SEO the difference is still very large, for example, some companies may need 2 or 1 SEO specialist, SEOer will need to do some simple site management and construction, of course the most important thing is seo.

SEO has always been a part of the network marketing, for a small business station, the most is the website ranking make up, the enterprise reputation propaganda out, so to small and medium-sized enterprises, SEO and network promotion is undoubtedly one of the most common and effective means. Where SEO is the soul, because once you understand and grasp the SEO, network promotion can do better, if you don’t know SEO knowledge, you will become SEO the "migrant workers", only know the post and labor, but do not know how to do have the effect, we can have a good effect. Therefore, the origin of SEO has been that do network promotion, and network promotion must grasp the SEO, therefore, SEO comes in.

at the same time, after entering in 2014, SEO industry competition has become fierce. In fact, we value the natural ranking is probably the home page, and any one of the words the home position is limited, so you want to come out the "SEO" effect, must seize the home position, but with the continuous development of SEO industry and mature, small and medium enterprises concern, the first page ranking became too, so many people began to shout "SEO does not have the effect of" SEO "well done" "SEO cannot do"…… In fact, these are the embodiment of fierce competition.

any time any industry has used SEO industry competition, there is competition, but because of concern SEO industry enterprises less, and people are not concerned about the user experience and develop for a long time, so many good stations may be in a wave to pull the wool, and then to the railway station, leaving the SEO space. But as people deepen the recognition to SEO, many enterprises to enter the field of SEO, some sites also began to develop into a formal and normalization in the search engine under the guidance, so the site’s ranking began to steady development, when some other enterprises want to stand.

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