17 media to jointly report a browser because it robbed their business

more and more browsers have joined the ranks of the interception of advertising, it seems that the lawsuit will be endless.

recently, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street journal and other 17 media jointly issued an open letter to intercept Browse Companies Brave advertising.

you may not have heard of the Brave browser, but it’s a big problem in the American media. The open letter explains why the media are so angry: "Brave is going to replace the content of the publisher’s customer with his own. This is obviously contrary to the law. So publishers are trying to protect their rights."

It is

, Brave browser shield original media advertising, put their own advertising. The spread of many U.S. mainstream media controversy from January this year, speaking.

At that time,

, co-founder of Mozilla, the father of Javascript Brandon · AIKE (Brendan Eich) launched a new browser Brave own development, and declared that it killed the original web advertising, loading speed can be 2-3 times faster than ordinary browser.

but at the same time, Brave also plans to add their own ads on the web. Because this part of the ad is loaded by the browser before opening the page. AIKE said it would reshape the user experience.

distribution of the advertising revenue. The company said the 55% of them returned to the site owner, the remaining 45% is divided into 3 equal parts, left to the Brave themselves, its partners and users. As for the part of the user is distributed in the form of bitcoin, both free to take out, can also be used to play their favorite website.

contrast advertising shield AdBlock Plus only shielded advertising, and then ask publishers to enter the white list of ransom practice, the latter not only did not lose money, but also to make money from. But the problem is that advertisers are directly signed with the Brave, online publishers do not have the right to speak, even on their own web site will appear what kind of advertising are not informed.

with an open letter saying that Brave is in the "theft of publishers, and then use their own network to fence". The media is also obvious. To this end, they intend to work according to the price of $150 thousand per infringing works, to obtain compensation for Brave.

Brave and Adblock Plus early Explorer developer Eyeo just ad blocking business. In addition to them, a growing number of browser vendors have also chosen to build an ad interception service.

at the end of last month, Microsoft in its Build 2016 Developers Conference, announced the next

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