The central bank put forward risk warning three kinds of P2P net loan suspected of illegal fund rais

[introduction] mainly includes three categories: capital pool mode, unqualified borrowers caused the risk of illegal fund-raising and Ponzi scheme.



technology news (Wang Kexin) November 26th news, illegal fund-raising in November 25th at the disposal of the nine ministries inter ministerial meeting, the Central Bank of the P2P network lending industry illegal fund-raising behavior were clearly defined, mainly include three categories: out of the pool of funds model, risk borrowers lead to illegal fund-raising and Ponzi scheme.

meeting pointed out that the network borrowing induced illegal fund-raising will become a new high point of the case. P2P network lending refers to the direct lending between individuals and individuals through the Internet platform. The P2P network lending platform to provide information interaction, circulation matching, credit evaluation, investment consulting, legal procedures and other intermediary services to both lenders and borrowers, transfer of funds and settlement, debt collection services also provide some of the platform. But there are some criminals use P2P network lending platform business behavior lack of favorable conditions for effective supervision, the implementation of illegal fund-raising behavior to carry out P2P network lending business in the name of the property loss caused by a large number of investors.

illegal fund-raising mainly in the following three categories:

capital pool model. Some P2P network lending platform designed by borrowing requirements into financial products sold to lenders, or first imputation funds, then look for the borrower objects, intermediate account platform enables lenders funds into the resulting pool of funds, this mode of suspicion of illegal deposits from the public.

two is an illegal fund-raising risk caused by unqualified borrowers. Some operators P2P network lending platform failed to verify the authenticity of the identity of the borrower obligations, even acquiescence borrowers issued false borrowing large amounts of information on the platform in the name of a number of false borrowers failed to find (also called standard loan), to raise funds to the majority of people are not specific for investment in real estate, stocks, bonds, futures market. Some direct usury illegally raised funds to earn a spread, the borrower’s behavior is suspected of illegal absorbing public deposits.

three is Ponzi scheme. There are individual lending platform P2P network operators, publishing false Gregory borrowing target to raise funds, and used in the early by the new old Ponzi scheme model loan loan, for their production and operation in the short term to raise a lot of money, some operators even absconded, such patterns suspected of illegal deposits from the public and financial fraud.

central bank also put forward risk warning:

one is clear P2P network lending platform business line. We should encourage innovation in the development of P2P network lending platform at the same time, a reasonable set of boundaries of their business, to draw the red line, clear intermediary nature of the platform, the platform itself is not explicitly guaranteed, imputation funds shall not engage in capital pool, not illegal deposits from the public, not the implementation of financial fraud.

two is the platform should be established

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