Mobile new deal severely punished cottage built in mobile phone download site will be hit hard


2008, SP industry from three years ago during the peak of contraction of 80%, now just out of the woods, but will usher in a new round of crackdown, this has a ten year history of the industry to the fading is inevitable. Mobile Internet startups will also be affected.

technology news (Li Ledong Yang Zhongxiong) Tencent on August 12th news, an internal document about SP remediation, is spread in mobile high-rise inside, but it has let the domestic SP company jittery. Tencent science and technology was informed that the fastest in September 1st, China Mobile will set off a new round of SP rectification storm in the country, the focus of remediation, will be the main revenue of the SP on-demand service.

in fact, as early as a month ago, a number of domestic SP companies have access to relevant warning information. According to insiders, until a few days ago, China Mobile Group Company really through this policy, is expected by the end of August "file will be sent to the hands of SP, has been fully implemented in September is That’s final".

According to

forecasts, once the policy is fully implemented, the current domestic SP industry accounted for 70% of revenue on demand business was a devastating blow, shrinking income highest possible up to 60-70%, the whole industry losses may be close to half of the scale of losses in tens of billions of yuan level. Currently the major SP companies are discussing the corresponding countermeasures.

The new

mobile three version: Jungui set at the beginning of the September nationwide comprehensive implementation of

Tencent science and technology learned from a number of channels, the current policy is determined in the mobile internal meeting was adopted, will soon be issued to the domestic SP hand. The core content of all domestic SP companies are all on-demand services, the full implementation of billing reminders and confirmation services.

the first version of the message from a professional website. The website news shows: China Mobile will be on September 1st from the implementation of on-demand business three confirmed".

The so-called "

three confirmation", probably referring to the previous "two confirmations", also is the user in the application on demand business, third will receive a confirmation message, the user can choose to confirm within 1 hours or refused to pay (including no reply).

news also exposed the four new mobile SMS template, which requires the user to confirm the text message, to get a confirmation of the automatic reply message, as well as the user has not been confirmed within 1 hours of SMS cancellation.

however, the Tencent of science and technology from another reliable channel information is: the new policy movement launched in September 1st, not the rumors of "three confirmations", the real name of "on-demand SMS billing reminders".

, the contents of the two are almost the same, but there are still some differences between the argument, because there is no internal mobile three confirmation of the argument." The source said, the so-called on-demand billing reminder, but also in the user to apply for on-demand service, the system automatically sent to the user to send detailed billing reminder, the user must choose to agree to deduct fees

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