Google AdWords fifty million incentive program will end in November 30th

November 26th news, Tencent technology today exclusively learned that China’s 50 million yuan in September this year, Google launched a SME incentive plan will end in November 30th. So far, Google China for small and medium enterprises to expand the offensive against Baidu, temporarily come to an end.

in September this year, Google China launched a total of up to 50 million yuan SME incentive plan. According to the plan, each of the newly registered Google AdWords account customers will receive 500 yuan free marketing fund. Google said at the time, relying on the global platform and technical advantages of Google, hoping to help more Chinese SMEs start search engine marketing.

According to Google

China today, two months of the launch of the program in the country of small and medium-sized enterprises to actively participate in the early adopters, search engine marketing, and has benefited from. As of this month, there have been tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises have joined the program to promote their own free of charge for the enterprise.

according to statistics, China has 40 million small and medium enterprises, including small and medium enterprises registered companies have 10 million. At present, China’s small and medium enterprises really use the Internet to start commercial activities less than 10%. By the end of 2008, eight ministries announced the "on the strengthening of services to promote the informationization of small and medium enterprises", in 2012 the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in China to use online information to help marketing to reach 90%, the number can use e-commerce in marketing to reach 30%.

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