From the 58 home purchase Manicure O2O doodle in the field of fish

in the field of O2O fish can be eaten by the fish is lucky, more startups are facing the collapse of the funds closed after the break.

started after the first day, O2O announced the acquisition of washing laundry washing after peer cloud, yesterday evening, 58 home Dudu Manicure announced the merger.

according to the official news, Dudu Manicure will be incorporated into the 58 home beauty department, after the merger, "toot Manicure" brand will be retained and independent operation. The future of the two sides will Manicure business integration, complementary resources in Manicure division, Manicure style, Manicure tools etc..

for the amount of the acquisition, the two sides did not mention. There is a saying that the price is very cheap, just to give investors an account, there is news that the price of 2 million yuan. In October 31, 2014, Dudu Manicure has announced Sequoia Capital and capital source of 10 million U.S. dollars A round of financing, be sure to allow investors to the prostitute though but it is difficult to sell to the success.

after the merger of the founding team or re start, Manicure Dudu CEO Wang Biao said, now in the both sides of the transition period after things are arranged, will start a new direction for the further consideration.

big fish: holding a lot of money to start harvesting merger

announced the acquisition of Manicure toot news, 58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua said in a circle of friends, "" Mermaid "after 58 Manicure merger home Dudu, just 2016, expanding the industry leader in the advantages of a small prelude, we have more follow-up action. That why we are optimistic about the beauty industry, one reason is enough: a woman holds most of the family consumption and finances."

The acquisition of

, is just the beginning of this year 58 home will develop the beauty industry focus, is optimistic about the economic reasons of women.

from the acquisition of shares to APP Manicure Dudu, beauty beauty home, 58 home for the beauty industry development is still the continuation of the "open platform" strategy. The next 58 home will also invest a lot of money to develop the business of the platform of the third party, continue to invest, access, so that more good development of O2O companies have the opportunity to work together with the development of the 58." In October last year, Chen Xiaohua has expressed such an open strategy.

hand $300 million financing is not bad money to go home, according to Chen Xiaohua’s $300 million is still more than half of the year, and this year they will be completed more than 300 million U.S. dollars of financing.

however, although it is home of the luxury business 58 home game player, but Manicure business development is not satisfactory. As early as last September, 58 home business Manicure broke and large-scale employee turnover, labor disputes with the company. The reason is to change the pay system, increase the workload but reduce the incentive. This is considered to be O2O, in the case of cold, 58 home had changed to burn the heroic, began to shrink the cost in Manicure business.

for 58 beauty industry, home of the founder of "Beaver

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