Rumors of the first century hacker robbery in the end is not really

first of all, if you want a qualitative answer, a non positive or negative answer, I can tell you – really.

next, if you are a reader with normal thinking, you will ask me: how serious is it?

I’ll tell you, it’s not as serious as it seems. The so-called first century hacker robbery, mining safety experts of this event and he represents the security technology company, and all do not know exactly what happened to the media, almost unlimited exaggerated.

to display a fact: according to Hold Security, an earlier in the industry is not particularly well-known computer security technology service providers are revealed, a Russian hacker organization called CyberVor had learned about 1 billion 200 million because of security risks leaked account, which contains approximately 500 million unique email address register more than 420 thousand websites, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft Microsoft Office such as one of the most frequently used websites and online services in the world.

if a reader sees this is over, I wonder if you will ever open a new window to modify the password you may have been exposed to.

Hold Security is where sacred?

has worked for 14 years in the computer security technology commentator Brian Krebs revealed that he knew the founder of Hold Alex Holden Security has been for seven years. Holden individual is a more well-known security researcher, has previously provided an important research results in the case of Adobe account password leak.

but what role does Hold Security play in this event?

this is the Hold Security official website to explain the link.

point after entering the Hold Security on the whole thing a general introduction. Large section of English is relatively long, summed up several key points here:

Title: you’re black!

(is this a threat? Isn’t that an email (and a potential password)?)

CyberVor black out about 420 thousand sites.

unfortunately, according to the average level of technology in the world of hackers, CyberVor this crime to fight a point, then 10 minutes to play a good 2 minutes. CyberVor uses a very powerful – but also very common – too often used, so that the current wealth 500 >

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