Nora has moved away from the site to register a new company

another 7 days to Nora the final payment deadline for a huge fine of 260 million. Do not pay, will be a fine of 3% per day plus a fine, the first is 7 million 800 thousand, the number is not small.

Nora how to save yourself?

this morning, the financial weekly newspaper reporter in our business registration address came to the city of Shenzhen Nanshan District science and Technology Development Institute China Technology Park building three, 22 floor, room A1. A 22 floor elevator, I saw a row of celebrating flowers, are wondering around but could not see Nora disappeared. Into the left hand side of the office asked to know, here is the A1 room, before the company’s address is Nora, and now this little wonder Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen just moved in a few days.

did Nora just disappear? Lobby information cards were written on the 22F-A/23F of Shenzhen science and Technology Co., but also confirmed to reporters in front of Nora moved away, disappear without a trace.

it is reported that when the punishment is still broadcast in June 26th, the normal operation of the punishment, but the interior deserted, some office space has been emptied. Nora staff said that some employees have been placed elsewhere in the company, in addition to disclose more.

according to a broadcast to the middle of the financial weekly newspaper reporter, Nora has been re registered several companies for the placement of different businesses and employees. One of them is called cloud sail century, put in a series of Nora player in addition to the business.

view of business information, there is a Shenzhen Yun fan Century Technology Co., Ltd., was established in May 26th this year, the address in Shenzhen City, south of the International Plaza A building 1605 room. Reporters came to the scene and found the 1603-1609 room where the channel is locked glass door, no one inside, just a mess. The sign of the elevator is written by Shenzhen Lu Lushun Construction Service Co., Ltd.: 1606. Asked about the property, Lu Lushun is the owner of the 1603-1609 room, a few months ago has been removed. There is no new company to the property registration.

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