The first time to focus on the Xiamen fish community bamboo door incident

the first time to focus on the Xiamen fish community "bamboo door" event

at 2 in the morning, and the map is to discuss the Admin5 staff to review the contents of the article carefully. Suddenly see the post leaving Xiamen fish forum "bamboo door" collective. I also do not believe that they can work together so you leave, such events might have occurred on the Internet, but see, I was the first time, that is not in the hype, I deliberately went to the Xiamen fish community read, that is the real thing. (see figure is too large, incomplete, please click on the link, see map)

Figure 1:

Xiamen fish community map (90% pages have no owner)


Figure 2: most of the

version of the area does not have an owner


then I look inside the community to discuss post, just know, these bamboo collective after leaving, and to set up a new fish forum, the feeling is premeditated. The cause of the incident, seems to be the owner is not satisfied with the Xiamen fish community becomes more and more commercialized. In the direction of the development of the site, resulting in differences.

Figure 3

: the owner of the new "fish jar community" look under the column setting, and the fish community almost. Even the name has not changed.



Figure 4

: "fish altar community" very distinctive top bulletin


up to now about 3 a.m., the fish community day post near the altar of "8000", the current line number 626, the highest number of 1966 people online, June 1st data. I never thought of a local forum, can have such a strong user stickiness, at 3 o’clock in the morning, to achieve such a high post. Although they are agreed to rush to the 1W paste. But it is also a kind of artificial "miracle" in this field do not know stationmaster moderators and users compete for war, who is the winner. The reality of the community in the collective resignation of entrepreneurship, the first living in the virtual network society.

Figure 5: the number of online fish altar community


believe it will become a typical case of a Chinese Internet history, I also live so late is not out of the rest of this article. The owner and the head of the contest, who wins, can see what is most important in a community of users in mind, is to miss the old community deeper, care more about the community environment, need a business is not the "the Peach Garden pollution". Admire the fish community before the "owner" of courage. Also to the Xiamen small fish community of friends (webmaster) said I hope you can top >

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