Xiangeqing incorporated Nora jioubu founded CAT technology

[Abstract] although the acquisition of Nora rumors did not materialize, but the two sides chose another way to reach cooperation.


technology news (Han Yimin) July 9th evening, xiangeqing issued "on the establishment of a joint venture in Shenzhen city cat New Media Network Technology Co., Ltd. notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the "notice" is put forward, in order to meet the company’s new business development needs, the company intends to natural Li Li jointly funded the establishment of the Shenzhen cat new the media network science and technology limited company.


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"announcement" confirmed that Shenzhen cat has completed the recruitment of some staff, some of whom are employees of Shenzhen Nora Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Nora). This xiangeqing Nora scandal was finally settled, although rumors of the acquisition of Nora did not materialize, but the two sides chose another way to achieve cooperation.

"announcement" once again stressed the company’s controlling shareholder, actual controller of the current and foreseeable future there is no acquisition of Nora’s plan, put forward Shenzhen cat is determined mainly by the staff candidates personal occupation development needs to be determined, the company itself did Nora company through the acquisition of shares or assets for the Shenzhen cat the preparation of human resources, Shenzhen cats are not there circumstances Nora purchase and use of intellectual property and technology companies such as intangible assets.

"announcement", intends to set up a joint venture subsidiary Shenzhen cat, a total investment of 10 million yuan, registered capital of 10 million yuan, registered capital: xiangeqing invested 6 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, accounting for 65% of the registered capital; Li Li invested 3 million 500 thousand yuan in cash, accounting for 35% of the registered capital.

in mid April this year, announced the closure of Shenzhen Nora QVOD server, then a large number of police entered Nora company in May 15th, the national anti pornography Working Group Office informed that the investigation confirmed that Nora in providing Internet information service process, information dissemination of pornographic content, and the circumstances are serious, the administrative punishment of revocation of value-added telecommunications business license card.

and the announcement released together, and xiangeqing associated with Shanghai Ying somatosensory Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture Shanghai cat new media data Technology Co. Ltd. was approved by the board of directors of the listed company announcement.

from the beginning of last year, xiangeqing began cross-border restructuring. At the end of June, the media reported the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to help xiangeqing wholly acquired xiangeqing Nora company, but soon issued to clarify the announcement denied that the acquisition of Nora issue. Yesterday, a news broadcast part of technical personnel and xiangeqing’s cat technology signed a new labor.

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