The diamond was the rise of 9 years of network marketing melee country has thousands of brands

use low price to attract the attention of consumers, the online shopping diamond to subvert the traditional marketing mode to fame, and many enterprises break a name. However, after a period of up to 9 years of growth, the competition of network drilling enterprises into the white hot stage.

December 21, 2011, a net drilling companies spend 100 million yuan investment in the construction of the Hangzhou zocainone diamond building, as the online customer experience center, and said this year to achieve a 30 store experience. Although the country’s diamond network business has been a lot of intense competition in the industry, but the proportion of e-commerce in the jewelry industry accounted for only about 5%, which means a lot of space for development." Zocai founder, said Wu Tao.

, an unnamed industry sources, this year the international diamond price is rising about 30%, while China’s jewelry annual consumption growth rate is also estimated to have more than 10%, more than China’s GDP growth rate, but e-commerce accounted for in jewelry consumption in most high proportion now will not exceed 20%, at present diamond network has thousands of businesses in the country, the elimination rate is as high as 60%-80%, can gain a foothold in this line of business less.

in nine carat, drilling, drilling and other e-commerce brands to exit the market at the same time, there are a lot of companies looking forward to the "diamond" industry, hoping to establish their own network drilling brand. Network drilling enterprise after nearly 9 years of growth, what new changes? In the fierce competitive environment, how many different business models? How should the new net drilling business gain their own living space? The 18 point of view will go with you to find the answers to these questions –

strength to send network drilling business expansion consumer group

from the special marriage to today’s unusual holiday gifts

diamond network sales rising in the same time, diamond consumer groups are gradually expanding.

Zocai founder Wu Tao said, before the diamond is a witness of love, and now I would like to think that the diamond is the expression of ’emotion’." According to Wu Tao, at present the main consumer groups except diamond wedding crowd, also became the expression of filial piety, friendship, love, Christmas, Valentine’s day or birthday party, many people will buy a small diamond as a gift, and some old friends will be married for many years in the memorial day for his wife to send a in addition, diamonds, have a certain economic ability, the pursuit of fashion consumers quality, will also buy diamond jewelry or fashion as a reward for his gift. Wu Tao said that the network drill buyers from the initial group of young marriageable population, up and down polar expansion. In addition, with the rise in the price of diamonds, a lot of people optimistic about the value of the diamond, making it a new investment choice, and the high cost of diamond network, has begun to get investment favor.

new network general manager Wu Shiwu revealed that the current site within the married jewelry sales accounted for about 40%, daily wear small diamonds accounted for 30%-40%, while the rest is small jewelry. "A few diamonds"

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