Tencent founder Tony dialogue how to treat the Tencent now and in the future of the Tencent

tiger sniffing note: This is a Tencent within the former Tencent CTO, Tencent co-founder Tony (Zhang Zhidong) a dialogue, Tony stepped down after the Tencent is still concerned about the products and services, often comments and the team, his life is very simple, work, reading for chess, often to mention colleagues opinions. Weekend to accompany his wife and children walking, climbing, and most of us do not like two. To be honest, Tony’s answer is very sincere, but also thought-provoking, the proposed collection, text reproduced from the Tencent public number, tiger sniffing slightly modified.

believes that good products will speak for themselves

asked: you outgoing company CTO has been a long time, look at the company’s point of view and view after retiring, and as CTO


Tony: it is not the same, as CTO, every week to attend management meetings, participate in the decision-making, will be more clearly on the understanding of the company; after retiring, more companies to understand the changes from news reports, product launches and other channels. Of course, the concern for the company is still the same.

I believe that a good product will speak, just experience the company’s new products, which products are sincere, which products have problems, I will soon be able to feel. From the news reports can also see the company’s progress, sometimes see some articles too soft, can see some teams in brush presence.

: if you find something wrong, what will you say to the product team now?

Tony: I just did not adapt to change when I left office, encountered a bad experience, directly to colleagues questioned a pass. I need to remind ourselves from time to time after leaving office should speak a little softer, but the character is often still speak very directly. Here by the way to the product team to apologize.

: is it a lot of pressure on your team,


Tony: I believe that really good team can withstand sharp criticism, if your products on behalf of the future direction of development, it should not be concerned about external criticism, criticism can make you progress.

instead of avoiding problems, it is better to have a sincere conversation

Q: Le Q (Note: Tencent internal Forum) can be said to be established in your advocacy, originally out of what kind of consideration?

Tony: the original construction of music when asked, I have two expectations: one is to tell the truth, rather than words; the two is to use fragments of time. In this era of excessive social, there are a lot of anonymous social, there are a variety of groups, information opaque, asymmetric information, the larger the enterprise, the impact will be greater.

Tencent, we need a new platform to adapt to such changes, to facilitate small partners can be efficient and sincere communication, music asked the bearer of such a concept.

Q: after the music asked the line, some departments do not want their products or services in the discussion on the music

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