HTML5’s political struggle is the T giant open or grave

2007, Jobs asserted to reject Flash and predict the advent of the HTML5 era, IT industry on the HTML5 produced a religious fervor. HTML5 has many outstanding characteristics, can be directly in the web page graphics, embedded audio and video, to achieve information interaction across iOS, Android and other platforms, easily converted into a web application desktop application…… It seems to be the terminator of APP and the next generation of mobile technology synonymous.

things to this day, no one will have to belittle the changes brought about by HTML5. Recently turned out Firefox operating system (Fireox OS), is trying to make the HTML5 application can be directly embedded in the mobile phone infrastructure, to run smoothly.

in different areas of the giants are in action, Disney acquired a HTML5 game development company, Amazon Bookstore Kindle constructed by HTML5 technology, Twitter to use HTML5 to develop iPad applications, even the Adobe announced to give up Flash support on the mobile terminal, full withdrawal from the Google store, turn at home as well: HTML5! Tencent, Sohu and other Internet companies are also low-key layout browser platform, realize all kinds of application based on HTML5.

, however, in the high expectations placed on HTML5, HTML5’s own standard setting has been a serious differentiation. In July, WHATWG and W3C with the makers of HTML5 to continue to cooperate, the hope to develop a market or technology can follow the dynamic standard; the latter is to establish a "dead" standard, once formally promulgated cannot modify.

Once the

standard differentiation, developers will once again face the chaos of Web, the advantage of cross platform has been the presence of the epoch-making significance of HTML5 will no longer exist. The worst result is, it had not only between WHATWG and W3C disputes, huge market value, in which each participant is obsessed with wading. Has been hiding behind Microsoft, apple, Google and other major IT giants are open to this standard, or grave digger? What, who is the real master of HTML5? This is a multi force, full of intense political struggle as the glint and flash of cold steel contest.

who rules the game?

according to the W3C plan, the HTML5 standard will be issued as soon as possible by 2022. The HTML5 standard of technology is not complicated, there is no need to invest any development or team, the key is whether to draw into the operating system and browser manufacturers, W3C is also aware of this, it WHATWG to destabilize emboldened, is from Mozilla (development group, Firefox woven) apple and Opera support.

W3C chose Microsoft. Although the "wolf" is not.

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