Graphic analysis social media platform for a variety of domain names Raiders

social media contains space, micro-blog, podcasts, forums, content communities, etc., these products in the domestic market, the domain name of the site to enable different types of independent domain names, there are two domain names. Learned from the jiathis social media rankings June, domestic social media on the list to Tencent QQ space head first, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent were ranked second and third, the Tencent independent domain name enabled seems really big impact.


SNS Sina micro-blog competitive but interesting


micro-blog social popular mode, many domestic portals and companies have launched this product, such as a Tencent, micro-blog (2), micro-blog (7) Sohu, NetEase (micro-blog 11), Phoenix micro-blog (17), however, the domain name micro-blog is the use of two domain form, Sina and micro-blog and they go is different, Sina attaches great importance to micro-blog products, so micro-blog has bought double spell domain name, then it is generous to take a short time after the domain name, anecdotal domain name transaction price is higher than 5 million, sina will focus on the layout of the domain name strategy, Sina micro-blog launched, great success.

Tencent multiple development list nominated


2009 Tencent acquired after the domain name is independent of the domain name to QQ enabled, an independent domain name space, space in the promotion and application of a broader, now the domain names has become that leverage a number of QQ users in mind, the current QQ space on the list to occupy the first 12.60% share percentage. In addition, in addition to micro-blog Tencent, Tencent friend also on the list, ranked 13, it is worth mentioning is the domain name system to the Tencent to spend $100 thousand acquisition of income, in addition, in the list of top 16 QQ.

Renren, happy net is everyone happy to share percentage of 3.20% in the fifth row, happy net to 2.38% in the sixth row, the two sites enabled are independent domain name, main phonetic enable everyone without Larry, happy net and choose the, saying, and happy net also has a bit of indirect "relationship"! After the Thousand Oaks copycat version of "happy net" domain name for a and happy net sensation, finally the happy net of 1000 oak against kaixin>

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