Senior media analyst said Amazon is a potential killer Netflix

Tencent Francisco (Yue Tong) Beijing on July 13th news, according to foreign media reports, a year ago today, Netflix cancelled some subscription service plans, and DVD and video services with a price increase of 60%. Since then, Netflix’s share price fell by about 70%. With the increasing cost of network transmission and market competition is becoming more and more intense, Netflix can be in the market to maintain a leading position, has been questioned.

Hulu and Dish Plus, although there are still such as Network network transmission service providers to compete with Netflix, but in CNET senior analyst Greg · Sandoval (Greg Sandoval), the two companies are still not enough to exert huge threat and challenge to the Netflix. Sandoval believes that the real threat to Netflix or amazon.

Sandoval said: Amazon is a potential killer Netflix." In addition to Amazon launched its own Prime Streaming services, but also to provide users with any orders for the Amazon website for two days of free delivery service. These transactions to expand the film outside the lease more services, which is precisely the Netflix has not yet adopted marketing strategy.

Netflix Sandoval said that the biggest mistake is the company last year to cancel some subscription services, and do not consider the interests of consumers and their feelings, Netflix canceled these subscription services also lead users are forced to individually subscribe to DVD and network transmission service. Sandoval attributed the error to Netflix founder and CEO Reed · (Reed Hastings). Sandoval said: "he (Hastings) does not believe that the DVD service, he hopes to" flow "service company for the development of company, and that the cancellation of some subscription service time is correct, but in fact, he did not consider the consumer Netflix."

Sandoval also believes that Hastings did not listen to the views of the people around, and in the eyes of Sandoval, which is the main reason leading to Netflix suffered defeat. Allegedly, Netflix lost 800 thousand subscribers for this, but also led to a substantial setback in the share price.

in addition, several Hollywood studios (including Starz and SONY) but also because of increased costs and the business out of Netflix, which also led to a decrease in the content of the Netflix website, this result further led to the Netflix website and the content of data transmission flow is reduced, but Sandoval does not think this is a long-term obstacle.

although Netflix has recently suffered some damage, but sang

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