How to use Baidu know simple promotion

whether new or old station, this method is suitable for, before I tell a brother out of cooperation, made a few posts, I stand every day only 200-300IP sometimes is not one hundred, but one, that is from Baidu know the flow is steady. Baidu know where to account for about 90%, I issue the amount is not too big, but also dozens of questions. For the last two months, I know where I am. So I know a little, probably my title is not good enough, just a little bit of traffic every day, I see some popular, from Baidu know where there are thousands of traffic every day. Some people may think that the number of flow, mean or made up, in fact, I want to say is, do what I do now is standing, ready to close. It’s not worth it anyway. Save trouble.

now Post Bar managed strictly, at the same time to enter the Post Bar requirement now is very high, so now to Post Bar promotion, very difficult, unless you’re with the main special cooked, or you are mixed very long. It is also the moderator or not, you desperately also nobody said you. But generally there is no bar Post Bar is rubbish, not what popularity, I rarely conduct propaganda in the Post Bar. So it is difficult to post bar propaganda, and Baidu know relatively. Access restrictions are not so much. One answer, and then directly to a link, get.

first: your Baidu number must be clean, and also have a certain number of series. This is the only way to send a valid link. If it is a new number, send links, most of them can not be displayed, if your Baidu know the number is in the two or about three. Most of the links to web sites are successful.

I like

now numbers are the garbage, ready to re apply for a number, because I know too many links with Baidu post, if Baidu know the blacklist, I estimate the inside.

second: answer questions can be linked to the question can also be linked with the question, as far as possible in the question is not linked to the link with the question to answer questions.

third: be sure to find someone to work together, do not mention a large problem, a small answer to the question, so that Baidu is easy to find, and delete your question.

fourth: title, the title is the most important part of Baidu know, you ask the question and then SB no one reason, but the title must be good, which popular on which to go. Content may not matter, but the title is the most important part.

fifth: when the question, it is to promote their own stand, reward score set to the maximum, 200 points. In this way, if it is a question with a link, so that the issue has just become a hot topic, the answer to the question is best set to the earth people know the answer to. So this time, do not be so quick to adopt other people’s answers. In one or two weeks. Is to attract others to answer questions. This is the prophase.

sixth: take someone else’s answer

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