Ziyang organized activities to listen to the voices of young entrepreneurs in rural areas

rural entrepreneurship project has been carried out for a period of time, there are a lot of rural young people feel strong resistance when starting a business, a variety of problems plagued the development of their entrepreneurial career. To solve the problem is to help entrepreneurs in Ziyang City, organized activities, in-depth understanding of the rural youth wealth problem.

12 11, sponsored by the Ziyang provincial Party committee, the delegation of the Sichuan Municipal Committee of the rural youth leaders to listen to the aspirations of a total of promoting development activities held in Ziyang. The city agriculture related departments, financial institutions, rural youth, rural rich leaders on behalf of young entrepreneurs, counties (cities and districts) green agricultural responsible person and part of the township Secretary of the Communist Youth League on behalf of nearly 100 people attended.

Jianyang rural youth rich leaders, representatives of edible fungi planting young Fu Biao ready to try new methods to grow in order to achieve the scale of planting, 600 – 10 million yuan of funds required for the construction of infrastructure. The postal savings bank responsible person on the spot about the use of the funds, financial cost capacity, collateral, land transfer and other issues, the scene to inform its conform to the "family farm loans", the loan will be awarded the highest 5 million yuan loan. Yanjiang modern tourism agricultural entrepreneurs Wang Guanghui put forward his own land transfer and get help policy confusion. Several agriculture related departments on the land transfer policy has carried on the detailed explanation, and teach him to increase the publicity from the media, proposed to buy instead of payment of land transfer fees suggest that Wang Guanghui click into place.

through the activities of the various departments to better understand the rural youth entrepreneurship practical needs, more rural young entrepreneurs understand each department’s business support policies.

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