Back to business students through their own efforts to build up the family fortunes

many students are thinking about what to do after graduation, we all want to find a stable job, but now the work is not easy. However, for people who have their own ideals, entrepreneurship is also a good way out.

out of the small town, has become a God’s favored one college students, after graduation, did not choose to stay in the big city in the fight, but decided to return home, which makes many people feel puzzled, but they have not been overwhelmed and the reality of the plight of tattle and prate but that, with their own practical action, your choice is not wrong, chicken can raise a big business.

21 year old Fengxian County guy Liu Kai, graduated from the Xuzhou Institute of industrial and commercial management, during the university he likes to study hard, always pay attention to market trends. The aspiring he early determined to make a career after graduation, to realize their value of life.

There is no story without coincidences., Liu Kai met like-minded partners in Fengxian County century pear pear Festival. A graduate of Chongqing Minsheng college king show, the other one is graduated from Xuzhou Industrial Institute of Huang Pandeng, they are the same and Liu Kai, full of entrepreneurial ambitions, but suffer from them. Three brief encounter, excited to exchange their ideas and concepts, discussed modern agricultural market prospects.

"! What do you think of a college student returning to the countryside? Are you a college student? Can not go to college can chicken!" Parents firmly opposed Liu Kai’s entrepreneurial idea, think that college students should go to the city to find a decent and stable work, finally the University of reading, but to raise chickens in rural areas will not only let folks say gossip, they can not accept.

2014 in February 13th, ten thousand yuan Liu Kai three people with parents to give thirty thousand yuan venture fund and the University under the province, in the hundred years Liyuan rented dozens of acres of orchards, used as a breeding base. From then on the first step towards the dream of entrepreneurship.