Secret tea shop earned 100 thousand Success Tips

open milk tea shop investors mostly financial strength is not strong enough investors, they pay more attention to the tea shop is a small business simple, but some investors are mainly valued its high profits. Venture to open a high profit tea shop? Careful people will find that selling tea can also earn a lot of money, here for years to earn 100 thousand of the tea shop business case.

. The successful case analysis of

business highlights

tea shop!

tea unique name, out of the ordinary. Not only was special, tea is also the name of the name is special, many young blitz of TV drama, sports star names, such as: Zhangdian in what are, what are not, such as One Piece, Linsanity, Luo name tea, especially popular; what are inside in addition, pearl milk tea, add coconut, small red bean, Boudin, immortality. What are not small, large 6 yuan. What is not, tea drinks, small 4 yuan, 6 yuan a large, but you can request to add something, but also need to add money.

* business ideas

on selling tea shop a lot, why a little tea shop business is very good? He proudly said, he has tea packaging has become a kind of culture, is no longer a simple drink, but a kind of fashion. The key point lies in, everyone was first attracted to the new varieties of tea, then gradually develop consumers agree with the taste of tea, it is the most authentic, look for the brand to buy.

70 thousand investment can be the boss of


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