Deputy mayor of Shanghai investigation WE public space

Shanghai is an economic metropolis, entrepreneurs dream paradise, more opportunities, of course, high threshold. But with the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" under the policy support, the development of entrepreneurial firms is of concern, entrepreneurial companies also have a very good development prospects.

by Coroni on the capital group and the United States jointly funded the establishment of WE+ multi-creation space was established in May 2015, in response to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" guidance, and actively create suitable for small and micro enterprises and offices. Human centered, through a warm, trusted space to connect people and people, people and enterprises, the relationship between enterprises and enterprises, changing the traditional closed office model. In this platform, all enterprises grow together, the establishment of interconnection, interoperability, mutual assistance, mutual trust based, to create the country’s most ecological entrepreneurial office space.

Office area

in time, watching the big screen from Robot  One robot with a cup of coffee from the space inside the cafe out and stopped in front of the crowd. Curious to pick up the coffee, "this robot is a remote control it?" When it was learned that it was a fully automated robot that was not under control, the deputy mayor expressed his appreciation for the coffee to be sent to the destination by a pre-set procedure.

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