2016 candy needs to open candy store how to operate

now soon to China lunar new year, at this time every year, there will be many families ready to prepare the special purchases for the Spring Festival, candy in special purchases for the Spring Festival, is an indispensable element, then in 2016 the candy shop business, how to operate.

location is very important, do the candy store mostly young people mainly in the area of the site, try to choose among young people intensive place, near the University; around Valentine’s day to do some exercise, do some promotions, especially can do some activities in some day, in peacetime can also have a membership system. This can not only save a large number of old customers, have certain profit, in the development of new customers, or because of a good reputation.

The use of

Xiaobian: note before the candy shop, the candy store is more suitable for a couple of people, so in the process of making candy, make some goods on behalf of the mind, to attract more consumer groups.

In fact, in the process of


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