Zhou Hongyi said that every young person should find their own entrepreneurs

there are many young people choose to do poineering work, many young people because of various problems, Zhou Hongyi was on the rocks, so want to tell young people, some things about entrepreneurial young people.

some recent article slowly revealed many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have a master, like Zuckerberg, but he is quite experienced Google people do master, he often chats with Jobs and ask questions. Google early master one is Jobs, one is Mark · Anderson, who is Netscape he experienced a massive failure, and have rich experience. These people are behind the scenes, never say. But these masters in the early days of the company, very important for entrepreneurs.

he suggested that today’s young entrepreneurs to reduce a little vanity, less personal speculation, to loneliness, calm. Because you are entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, to concentrate on the user and the product sense of body. He suggested that young people should pay attention to the internal force, don’t rush to export, in order to find the one or two spiritual mentor, their internal force can absorb and learn from, coupled with his wisdom, hard work and innovation, good physical strength, more sensitive to the market, then of course you can surpass them.


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