Airline bosses reserved on carbon tax

first_imgThe chiefs of Qantas and Virgin Blue have both asked the Federal Government to provide more detail on its controversial carbon tax.Qantas supremo Mr Joyce told The Australian while a $20 to $30 per tonne cost on carbon emissions would have to be passed onto customers, the amount would be less than the increases caused by rising oil prices.He said the increase in terms of airfares would be in the single digits in dollar terms.”It’s not a significant number and our intention would be to fully pass that on to the customer because there’s no way to digest it,” Mr Joyce said.”Then the question is does it apply to domestic and international, as well, and, again, the devil’s in the detail.”The tax could also apply to Qantas’ domestic operations in New Zealand as well as European-bound flights.Mr Joyce told the newspaper the airline agreed with the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) view that emissions trading was best handled by adopting a sectoral approach.”We are happy to have carbon pricing, having the certainty around it, but it should have been a uniform system around the world that applies to every airline equally and doesn’t cause distortions in the marketplace,” he said.Virgin Blue boss John Borghetti the airline could not comment on the tax’s impact until more details emerged to what extent airlines would be affected. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: V.Vlast_img

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