Pikachu I dont choose you say Pokémon fans

first_imgThere’s no denying that Pikachu is the face of Pokémon. Anywhere we see Pokémon, there’s Pikachu, front and center. The question of whether or not he is the most popular Pokémon was never raised, since it’s rather obvious that he is. Well, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, fans do not choose Pikachu.According to a Japanese poll, the most popular Pokémon is Greninja. For those who may not have heard of this monster, it is the evolved version of Froakie from Pokémon X & Y. Greninja also appears in Super Smash Bros, and there is also a Greninja Amiibo out there — but hey, Pikachu is all over the place too, so it’s not like Greninja’s prevalence led to this voting upset.The craziest thing about the Pokémon General Election 720 poll is that our pal Pikachu doesn’t even rank in the top three. The little monster comes in at number four, right behind Arceus and Mew. Apparently, these results came in early after voting began back on April 15. Preliminary results had Greninja, Arceus, and Mew take the top spots almost from the beginning.This is surprising news, but the results could be a matter of cultural differences. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would put money on Pikachu easily coming in at number one in an American or Western poll.Here is a full list of the top 20 most popular Pokémon (in Japan): GreninjaArceusMewPikachuSylveonGenesectRayquazaZygarde (50% form shown)CharizardMeloetta (Aria form shown)MewtwoEeveeJirachiDarkraiLucarioDiancieHoopaKeldeoVictiniManaphylast_img

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