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first_img We all strive to build a better world in any way we can. The smallest things can make the difference, even if we don’t think it’s enough. For Matt Miner and Eric Palicki, they strive to help just that bit. They push us into that better world with their new gorgeous anthology called All We Ever Wanted: Stories of A Better World.This full-color comics anthology is filled with 25+ stories from incredible creators that will build not only our future but the future of comics as well. We had the opportunity to talk Matt and Eric about their the better world they want to build, their inspiration behind the anthology and more.Thank you guys so much for talking with Geek about this stellar anthology. Can you guys tell our readers a little bit about All We Ever Wanted: Stories of A Better World?Matt: It’s an anthology full of stories told against the backdrop of a better future. So, think more Star Trek and less Mad Max – more “San Junipero” Black Mirror and less every other Black Mirror. We asked a metric ton of massively talented artist and writer friends if they wanted to be part and boom, we have a book that’s turning out amazing. We hope it’s a bright spot in an ocean of dark and dreary dystopian future fiction.Eric: Just to get in front of a big misconception, “a better future” doesn’t mean one free of conflict. Matt’s comparison to Star Trek is a good one: life on Earth is pretty great by the time of The Federation. That doesn’t mean you can’t find danger and crises lurking out in the vastness of space.“Everything I Own” by Lela Gwenn, Tony Gregori, and Josh JensenWhat’s the process like in putting a big anthology like this together? You’ve had killer success with This Nightmare Kills Fascists (which is also very stellar). Were you guys nervous about embarking on another Kickstarter together or was it “no guts, no glory”?Eric: Matt and I made a decision not to repeat any creators from TNKF here. First, we didn’t want to play favorites. Given the consistent quality of This Nightmare Kills Fascists, how could we invite some contributors but not all? Second, this speaks to the depth of talent among our friends and peers, including so many writers and artists I was eager to work with but whom we just couldn’t fit into TNKF. I’m particularly stoked to be collaborating on my story for AWEW with Eryk Donovan, whom I’ve wanted to work with for years.As for nervousness, I don’t think so. Matt and my combined history with Kickstarter is fairly positive. We’re partnered with a seasoned publisher in A Wave Blue World, and this creative lineup is a slam dunk.Matt: Thanks for the kind words. Eric and I kind of got tired of being told “no” by publishers when we just want to make comics. We decided to start doing these anthologies so we’d always have something cool in the works no matter how mean and rejection-ey publishers are being.What inspired you both to create All We Ever Wanted? Was it just in hopes to one day gain better world and understanding? Or something more? What do you want backers, readers and more to take from this anthology?Matt: Looking around at the state of the world, and of the US specifically, I find myself pretty down about where we are. We came so far, and now we’re slipping backward and it just kills me. I mean, we finally legalized same-sex marriage, and suddenly we have actual literal Nazis in the streets and I just can’t. I can’t.With All We Ever Wanted, I hoped to capture that sense of hope I’d get watching shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like, there’s conflict and drama and lasers and fights. But, overall, things are much better, and people treat each other with kindness and respect. I hope readers find that same sense of comfort and peace reading this anthology.Eric: The original working title was “The Future is Unwritten,” a phrase credited to my favorite band, The Clash, and to Joe Strummer. I think it’s a perfect encapsulation of what the book means to me. This Nightmare Kills Fascists was intended to show all the scary places the world was headed — and the real world looked at our stories in TNKF and promptly uttered “Hold my beer” — so All We Ever Wanted is Intended to show how great the future could be if we get our heads out of our asses.“Owning up to the Past” by James Maddox, Gavin Smith, and Nick WentlandYou guys have a gorgeous and brilliant line-up of creators from all walks of comics. How was it working with each of the creators? Is it hard to juggle all the creators as just editors? Can you tell us a little bit about some of the stories they’ll bring to the anthology?Matt: With This Nightmare Kills Fascists, Eric and I took a crash course on managing anthology project. So, this time around we’re much more organized and better prepared for everything. It means keeping detailed spreadsheets with deadlines and contact info and where each project is in the stage of completion. Luckily my years and years of office work taught me how to track boring stuff in cells on a computer screen. We’re in good shape there.All the creators in the book are friends of myself, Eric, Tyler from A Wave Blue World, or all three of us. So it’s a very cool, smooth sailing kind of operation where folks are just stoked to be part of this really cool book.Eric: My confidence as an editor has grown since TNKF. I’ve gotten better at collaborating with the creators to make their stories, rather than just taking for granted that everything is perfect from the first draft. To my surprise and delight, our collaborators have been extremely receptive. We all agree the finished product will be better for it.I would have trouble choosing any one story to highlight. Lela Gwenn’s story with Tony Gregori, about reconnecting with humanity in the wake of Armageddon. Kay Honda’s story with Liana Kangas, about how A.I. will change relationship dynamics in the future, is just a couple scripts that stuck with me long after I first read them. Eliot Rahal just turned in an incredibly sweet story of a girl and her robot that will be drawn by Jason Copland.“The Pilot” by Dean TrippeWhat would your ideal “better world” involve? It can be serious, funny or a little mix of in-between. Matt: Truly, my “better world” is a much simpler world with a whole lot fewer people, a whole lot less prejudice, and a healthy respect for animals and the planet. Oh, and dogs. Tons and tons of dogs. It’d be cool if they could talk, too. Talking dogs. Maybe they form little dog street gangs based on their dominant breeds? Or maybe just tons of regular dogs.Eric: The great aspect of this theme is that everyone has a different vision of a better world. Mine differs from Matt’s. In that, I hope we lean more heavily into our technological advancements as a way of solving problems. Other than “how can I more efficiently kill my enemies?” which is how it seems to go most often. We’re *this close* to curing cancer and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels and feeding the hungry. If only we gave those worthy goals the kind of resources normally reserved for building more efficient bombs.Can you let our readers know where to find you via social media? Besides All We Ever Wanted, do you guys have any other projects we should look out for?Matt: I’m at @MattMinerXVX on Twitter, and my other links are over on my website at I have a punk rock slasher horror comic with artist Clay McCormack out with Waxwork Comics titled POSER – it’s only available through the website right now and comes with a siiiiick 7” record, but will be solicited to Diamond in July as a version without the record. I also have some new stuff happening with Black Mask very soon and some more super crazy band collaborations in the works!Eric: I’m @epalicki on Twitter, @Thepalicki on Instagram, and I maintain a website (badly) at My last Black Mask series, NO ANGEL, will be collected in trade in the fall, and then I’ll be appearing in a number of anthologies over the next several months, before rolling out two new creator-owned series in early 2019.All We Ever Wanted: Stories of A Better World carries ace comic talents from all across such as Tyler Chin-Tanner, Robbi Rodriquez, Lucia Fasano, Tess Fowler, Alisa Kwitney, Mauricet, Kay Honda, Liana Kangas, and much more. This anthology also gives backers fantastic rewards such as signed bookplates by Marie Enger, book packs including Matt Miner’s Poser and Eric Palicki’s No Angel and Fake Empire. If you missed out on The Nightmare Kills Fascists, here’s your chance to get both anthologies in one!Check out All We Ever Wanted: Stories of A Better World today on Kickstarter. Be sure to back this stellar anthology before July 4th!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Covert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your PocketRugged BlackBerry Clone With QWERTY Keyboard Hits Kickstarter Stay on targetlast_img

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