A women’s clothing store coup

in 2012 is approaching, everyone wondered how to open their own shop to go home and have a good year, for women’s clothing store, small little "tricks" for reference.

in addition to design and decoration outside the store, and one for many domestic brand clothing to join the negligence or unable to take into account the factors, namely clothing display, commonly known as "pendulum field". Design and display, many domestic brands on display is often confined to the window of understanding in fact, in addition to women with beautiful window for publicity and attract tourists outside the store to display an important role on brand personality and performance, and is convenient for customers to purchase, so as to promote effect on clothing sales. The international brands which have full understanding, and resources to be used, in addition to ESPRIT, another example of the Danish BESTSELLER group under the women’s ONLY, in September 1996, the Chinese opened its first store in Beijing Xidan Saite shopping malls. In addition to the style of clothing and European synchronization, ONLY more from abroad to full-time exhibition designer. It is not only the originality style brought in, but also let the clothing display coordinate, and teach consumers how to dress collocation, and thus highlight the concept of brand value, combined with proper positioning and channel development effectively, make the ONLY in the domestic market with great success in taking advantage of another will follow up a victory with hot pursuit, women’s brand in VEROMODA Chinese launched, also achieved extraordinary results.

Edit this section of management and service at the same time, the clothing terminal, whether logo, decoration, display of goods and various packaging and so on are all hardware stores; in addition, store management, service and sales personnel terminal software is equally important. The software mainly through the overall brand culture, the company’s own brand awareness and love. And the service personnel, service attitude and speech reflected. According to the statistics of a consulting firm, the main factors affecting the long-term performance of the store, the proportion of business staff accounted for about 30%, so in the entire store operating system, personnel are very important aspects. The clerk in the face of customers in the store, is a part of customers in direct contact with the brand, brand information form and expression of clothes, the clerk communicated to the customer, therefore, the dress, manners are directly by receiving guests, formed the impression of the brand. For example, Italy Milan Armani headquarters, each clerk’s dress, attitude, is completely a spokesperson and model Armani, its understanding of each piece of clothing, and the way to deal with customers, showed the professional brand characteristics of Armani, which reflects the cultural connotation and brand.

terminal promotion edit this section in addition to the environment, management and service, because the brand, consumers and retailers to achieve market recognition, will eventually be reflected in the actual sales performance. "Do not sell the brand is not a good brand" marketing concept, and actively use the terminal to promote sales. In terms of pricing,

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