Wallpaper industry development prospects

modern home decoration are advocated to highlight their personality, to create their own style, a variety of ecological wallpaper into the market, has received more attention. Wallpaper industry with its rich patterns and personalized design to attract people’s attention, the sales market hot.

with the requirements of modern life Home Furnishing to further improve the green building perfect wallpaper has become businessmen development goals, wallpaper gained affirmation in the continuous innovation, the choice of wallpaper is the following:

the individuation and diversification of pattern, color and texture is the biggest advantage compared to the wall wallpaper decoration materials in the other, he broke the traditional interior wall decoration materials stereotyped style, with rich color, design, material for your choice, will create a different home style and taste, I really embodies the personality, whether it is elegant the aristocratic style is fresh and pleasant scenery of the countryside, whether it is exotic or simple and elegant the influences of Western culture and civilization oriental charm, can you come from.

The environmental performance of

wallpaper with natural, less pollution of paper, cloth, wood fiber and micro suspension PVC resin as raw material, the production technology, process and use of speaking, PVC resin lead and benzene and other harmful ingredients, compared with other chemical building materials, can be said that the wallpaper is not toxic. In particular, pure paper wallpaper, natural wallpaper, wood fiber wallpaper and other high-end wallpaper environmental performance is higher, which can be widely used in Europe and the United States from Japan and other countries in the wallpaper wallpaper. And some of the more powerful domestic wallpaper manufacturers have achieved ISO14001 environmental certification.

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