Riverdale Season 3 Episode 8 Recap Someone Read Watchmen

first_img ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Trailer Toasts to a Mysterious Senior YearSDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4 Stay on target Riverdale is back to… whatever passes for normal after last week’s three-chapter split episode. We once again begin the show with Jughead’s narration telling us what a normal day everyone’s having. That should immediately tell you that things are about to go very wrong in this midseason finale. It certainly leads with a disturbing image. Cheryl walks through the halls to discover that all the River Vixens, Veronica and Toni included, are all suffering a mass seizure. It’s about time we get some answers as to what’s causing these.Veronica’s parents are convinced it’s all because of stress. At least, that’s the explanation they’re giving. She’s pretty sure they have an ulterior motive. To be fair, she’s probably right. The first thing they think to do is ship her off to New York where she’ll be under the care of doctors on their payroll. That doesn’t seem suspicious at all coming from the people who conspired to frame her boyfriend and get him killed in prison. Veronica suspects they’re planning something big. Something they don’t want her around for. Reggie mentions that her father is pulling Jingle Jangle off the market (“It’s so last year.” Ha!), and replacing it with Fizzle Rocks. He even has a new gang distributing them: The Gargoyles. Veronica decides she’ll get to the bottom of her parents’ plans and what they have to do with G&G.Camila Mendes as Veronica and Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl (Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW)Something strange is happening at the school, though. Hiram is using the mass seizure as cover to shut the whole school down. Veronica confronts her father at the school board meeting where it’s about to go down. This has been the most frustrating part of Riverdale this season. We know Veronica is smarter than this. Or at least she should be. She’s able to figure out nearly every step of her father’s plan, but she never figures out how to deal with it. All she can do is call him out in public, and she’s constantly caught off guard when he has a convenient answer for all her points. At least ones that satisfy all the adults in the room. Like, Veronica’s been through this countless times and she still thinks she can defeat her father by yelling the truth at him? She should have learned long ago that doesn’t work on him. At this point, watching her go through these motions again and again is just annoying. It’s not even close to fun anymore.What’s much more fun is watching her and Betty’s work come together. Betty spends the episode doing some sleuthing of her own. Last week’s episode ended with Betty coming face to face with the Gargoyle King inside the convent. At this point, we should expect all of Riverdale’s shock endings to be elaborate fakeouts until they prove themselves otherwise. As Betty reveals to Ethel, there is no Gargoyle King in the basement. Betty makes Ethel jealous by talking about how the Gargoyle King spoke with her. She lures Ethel down to the basement and locks her up long enough for the Fizzle Rocks to wear off. The sisters, Betty figures out, have been drugging the girls and using their G&G-based delusions to control them. Now that Ethel has gone through withdrawal, Betty has an ally on her side. Now, they just have to escape and shut the whole evil place down.center_img Long live the Queen. #Riverdale pic.twitter.com/Aka5umtKen— Riverdale (@CW_Riverdale) December 13, 2018They tie up the head mother and learn that the game was a tool to make the girls in their care complacent. They used the instilled obsession with the Gargoyle King to control the girls. Hiram, she reveals, is the one who brought it out of the convent. He’s the one using it to control Riverdale. To what end, or how he plans to do it… the episode doesn’t reveal just yet. Not that we should expect any real answers at this point in the season, but I’d still like a little more. The CW makes a big deal out of its midseason finales and to leave so much in the dark isn’t quite as fun as the show thinks it is. The dialog is all so obviously talking around any specifics, it just gets awkward. Riverdale has never been known for its naturalistic dialog, but this is a whole other level of “nobody talks like this.”That said, it does lead to a couple of genuinely cool moments, exactly the kind of scenes you want from a midseason finale. The first is how Betty breaks the rest of the girls out of the convent. They’re still under the brainwashing of the sisters. Getting them to willingly leave is no easy feat. Instead of making each and every one of them go through Fizzle Rock withdrawal, Betty replaces their deity. She decapitates the gargoyle statue and declares herself the Griffin Queen. Betty really is the smartest person in this whole town, and it’s always fun to watch her let her inner badass out like this.Trinity Likins as Jellybean, Cole Sprouse as Jughead and KJ Apa as Archie -(Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW)The other cool scene is much more sinister. After Veronica and Cheryl syrup-board Penelope for information (God, this f-ing show!), they confront Hermione, hoping to depose her before she can enact Hiram’s plan. She takes her dialog straight out of the climactic scene of Watchmen. “I did it 10 minutes ago.” At that moment, everything goes to hell. We still frustratingly don’t know exactly what Hiram has planned, but the end of the episode is scary ominous nonetheless. It’s just a very well-directed moment of tension. It also helps that we’re at least told what the immediate consequences are. The whole town is under quarantine. And therefore, it’s entirely under the Lodge’s control. So that’s how Hiram plans to keep the outside world from taking issue with his drug empire.Despite the frustrations of watching Riverdale fall back on its worst impulses, this was an enjoyable midseason finale. It’s a good, unsettling cliffhanger with which to send us into the holiday break. It certainly helps that there’s really no way this one could be a cop-out. Riverdale is under quarantine and nobody can get in our out. That’s a damn intriguing premise to come back to. Even the Archie storyline, as cut off from the rest of the plot as it was, was still enjoyable. He and Jughead visit Jughead’s mom and sister for the night. We get some funny comic relief moments, like Jelly Bean’s crush on Archie and the mom assuming Jughead and Archie are a couple. She’s been reading the fanfic. The episode was a bit over-serious as it was, so we needed those little moments.Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones (Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW)They couldn’t last long though. Once Penny Peabody shows up to kill Archie, we find out the full extent of Hiram’s contract. He wants Archie completely out of the picture, along with anyone found helping him. That means if he does go back to Riverdale, his dad and friends will all be in danger. And if Jughead keeps traveling with him, so will he. So they call Fred Andrews to say one last tearful goodbye to his son before driving him to the Canadian border. The heartfelt scene doesn’t quite land the way it should. Maybe because Archie’s story has consistently been the weakest of this season. Maybe because we all know he’ll be back before too long. In any case, the emotional goodbye feels a little hollow. Maybe we’ll be proven wrong, but who knows?At least this storyline had some real consequences. Not only will Archie be on his own, but Jughead and FP can’t get back into Riverdale. They were outside the city limits when the quarantine was declared. Now, there are a bunch of angry men with guns who won’t let them in. Oh, and Hiram Lodge is talking to the actual real Gargoyle King in his office. So there’s a ton more going on there that the show isn’t telling us yet. As frustrating as the lack of answers can be, it’s definitely got me hooked, I’ll give it that. At this point, it’s in more of a guilty pleasure way than a good TV way, but the outcome’s the same. I’ll be glued to my seat when Riverdale returns in 2019.Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.Previously on Riverdale:Riverdale Season 3, Episode 7 RecapRiverdale Season 3, Episode 6 RecapRiverdale Season 3, Episode 5 Recaplast_img

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