Japan Has CG Beer Salespeople in Its Supermarkets

first_img If you go to the grocery store often, you’re probably no stranger to employees offering samples of food and drink dotting the supermarket, especially if you to go places like Costco or Sam’s Club. They’re everywhere, and they’re awesome. Sometimes you can get two samples if you ask nicely. This Asahi beer salesperson isn’t human, but she can totally sell you on some beer or something. Probably.This isn’t a new thing in Japan. These CG salespeople are pretty hot there, as they serve up free samples and try to chat you up about the product they’re selling. There’s a video you can check out that kind of explains the process, but it doesn’t get much more simple than “Hey, this robot lady can help you figure out what kind of beer you want from Asahi.:The signs themselves are known as “virtual mannequins” and have apparently been around for the last seven years or longer, offering their services, so humans don’t have to do the work they’re asked to do, sitting around and talking about Asahi beer all day or what-have-you. You can see them in action from folks who have walked by them in the store, and they honestly look pretty cool.裏はこうなってた pic.twitter.com/BCWmpZXIMs— りゅうせい㌠ 土曜日 C-22b (@dotno_hamutarou) July 27, 2017 It would make sense to have something like this here in America, especially since we do have so many products on offer at any given time in supermarkets that offer that kind of convenience. But you’d also need someone to shepherd people from taking every single sample at the display because people are heathens when free food is involved, and that, like the Muses from Hercules say, is the gospel truth.These signs are pretty amazing when you think about it, though. Would you be freaked out if you happened upon one while hanging out at your local market?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu Stay on targetlast_img

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